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This is our new Spring Flowering Bulb Catalog of 2013 for Europe!

Please take your time to browse through our completely updated catalog. You will find beautiful new varieties in our collection of high quality spring flower bulbs like Tulips, Hyacinths, Crocus and Narcissus. We wish you a lot of pleasure selecting all the flower bulbs you want for your own flower bulb garden this summer. Impress your friends and neighbours with a fresh and colorful piece of Holland in your own backyard!

Please note that it takes at least 2 weeks to deliver.

Delivery is from the end of August till the end of November.

Check out your shipping costs.

Tulipa Angelique  Crocus Blue Pearl  Narcissus Proffesor Einstein  Hyacinthus Sky Jacket

As a rule, spring-flowering bulbs are hardy bulbs. These flower bulbs are planted in the fall, generally before the first frost, and can survive (and indeed require for sprouting) the cold winter months. Many hardy bulbs, such as daffodils, perennialise well and can be left in the ground to flower year after year. Spring-flowering bulbs such as tulips, crocuses, hyacinths, daffodils, and irises are universal symbols of spring. Their lush and colourful flowers are the first to bring life back to a barren winter landscape.

It's a fact of life: to enjoy the glorious bulb flowers that bloom in spring - such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus and others - you must plant them in the autumn. That's the hard fact. The fun fact is that nothing is easier to grow or more colourfully rewarding than flower bulbs. Even the most unskilled gardener can create a breathtaking and beautiful spring garden with bulbs. Spring-flowering bulbs must be planted in the autumn because they require a sustained "dormant" period of cold temperatures to stimulate root development. The only rule is that, spring-flowering bulbs must be planted before the first hard frost. It's best to plant flower bulbs as soon as possible after bringing them home.

About flower bulbs

Flower bulbs are easy to grow, provided that you stick to some essentials. Probably no other plant group gives as much variety and pleasure to the gardener with so little effort. And if you don't have a garden, flower bulbs, like tulip bulbs, do very well in pots and containers. If you know a few tricks, some can even be induced to flower indoors.

Well-known spring flowering bulbs are Tulips, Daffodil bulbs, Crocuses, Hyacinths and Alliums. Spring flowering bulbs have in common that they need to be planted some 3 till 4 weeks before the frost is in the ground. They need the cold season to start their biological clock. Hence in general spring flowering bulbs will grow in climate zones 4-8.

Well-known summer flowering bulbs are Dahlias, Begonias, Lilies, Gladiolus and Callas. Summer flowering bulbs are planted late spring. A couple of months later they will bloom. Summer flowering bulbs will bloom in most climates but most of them are not winter hardy. Hence in cold climates most summer flowering bulbs should be lifted and stored to be used the next season.

Blumenzwiebeln von Growingtulips

Growingtulips ist ein Online-Shop fr Blumenzwiebeln. Seit 1999 vertreiben wir weltweit Blumenzwiebeln aus Holland.

Blumenzwiebeln knnnen in zwei Gruppen eingeteilt werden: frhjahrsblhende und sommerblhende Blumenzwiebeln.

Bekannte frhjahrsblhende Blumenzwiebeln sind Tulpen, Narzissen, Krokusse, Hyazinthen und Allium. Frhjahrsblhende Blumenzwiebeln haben gemeinsam, dass sie etwa ab Anfang September bis Ende Dezember eingepflanzt werden mssen. Sie brauchen die kalte Jahreszeit, um ihre biologische Uhr in Gang zu bringen. Deshalb wachsen frhjahrsblhende Blumenzwiebeln im allgemeinen in Klimazone 4-8.

Bekannte sommerblhende Blumenzwiebeln sind Dahlien, Begonien, Lilien, Gladiolen und Callas. Sommerblhende Blumenzwiebeln werden im sptten Frhjahr gepflanzt. Einige Monate sptter blhen sie dann. Sommerblhende Blumenzwiebeln gedeihen in den meisten Klimazonen, aber die meisten von ihnen sind nicht winterfest. Deshalb sollten die vorwiegend sommerblhenden Blumenzwiebeln in kaltem Klima aus der Erde genommen und gelagert werden, so dass sie in der ncchsten Saison wieder gepflanzt werden knnnen.

Growingtulips, votre magasin en ligne de bulbes

Growingtulips est un fournisseur en ligne de bulbes fleurs ttabli aux Pays-Bas. Notre objectif consiste vous livrer des bulbes de grande qualit au meilleur prix possible. Notre catalogue en ligne est toujours jour. Nous pouvons vous assurer que ce que vous commandez est reellement disponible : nous ne livrons jamais de produits de substitution. Growingyulips propose rggulirrement des offres spcciales. Si vous voulez ttre averti de ces offres spcciales, nous vous suggrrons de vous abonner notre bulletin d'offres spcciales.

Les bulbes se subdivisent en deux groupes: bulbes floraison printanirre et floraison d'tt..

Les bulbes de printemps les plus connus sont les tulipes, les jonquilles, les crocus, les jacinthes et les alliums. Les bulbes de printemps ont en commun qu'ils doivent ttre plantss quelque 3 4 semaines avant que la terre ne glle. La saison froide leur est nccessaire pour lancer leur horloge biologique. Dss lors, les bulbes floraison printanirre pousseront gnnrralement dans les zones climatiques de 4 8.

Les bulbes floraison d'tt les plus connus sont les dahlias, les bggonias, les lilas, les glaeeuls et les callas. Les bulbes floraison d'tt se plantent en fin de printemps. Ils fleuriront quelques mois plus tard. Les bulbes floraison d'tt fleuriront dans la plupart des climats, mais la plupart d'entre eux ne sont pas rssistants au gel. Dss lors, dans les climats froids, il est recommand de dtterrer la plupart des bulbes floraison d'tt et de les remiser jusqu' la saison suivante.

Il negozio di bulbi online Growingtulips

Growingtulips un negozio di bulbi da fiore online, che si prefigge di fornire bulbi da fiore di elevata qualit al prezzo minimo. Il nostro catalogo online sempre aggiornato, per garantire che ci che ordinate sia effettivamente disponibile: non vi verranno inviati prodotti sostitutivi. Growingtulips dispone regolarmente di offerte speciali. Per essere sempre informati, sufficiente registrarsi al nostro bollettino delle offerte speciali.

I bulbi si dividono in due gruppi principali, a seconda che fioriscano in primavera o in estate.

Alcuni noti esempi di bulbi a fioritura primaverile sono rappresentati da Tulipani, Narcisi, Crochi, Giacinti e Allium; ci che li accomuna, che devono essere messi a coltura da 3 a 4 settimane prima che il terreno geli. Per avviare il loro orologio biologico, essi hanno bisogno di basse temperature. Per questo crescono generalmente nelle zone climatiche da 4 a 8.

Dalie, Begonie, Gigli, Gladioli e Calle sono alcuni fra i pi noti bulbi a fioritura estiva. Essi devono essere messi a coltura a fine primavera, e fioriscono un paio di mesi pi tardi. I bulbi a fioritura estiva fioriscono quasi in ogni clima, ma non resistono alle temperature invernali. Nei climi freddi, la maggior parte di essi deve quindi essere estratta dal terreno e conservata per l'impiego nella stagione successiva.
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